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Chapel Hall Critical Care Waiting Area

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Our team of healthcare professionals, engineers, architects, and designers researched many high-traffic waiting areas to understand ways to relieve anxiety and increase comfort, while also considering the privacy and security the families of critically ill patients need.

Located just past the Gift Shop, the new Chapel will feature an attractive, more prominent entrance and will be located adjacent to the waiting area.

Adjoining the Chapel, the Critical Care Waiting Area will accommodate up to 200 people (80 families) and will help ease the heavy burden these families face, offering them physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort when they need it most. This remarkable center will be the only one of its kind in the region, giving patients and their families yet another reason to choose Baptist.

A warm, inviting foyer will lead to a reception area where an attendant will provide general information. The central section will include large bays where families and caregivers can gather comfortably in spots featuring free Wi-Fi, TVs, and mobile charging stations. There will be two Consultation Rooms where family members can meet privately with physicians, clinicians, chaplains, and others. Another special amenity includes a kitchen lounge with microwave ovens, dining tables, and counters to house food and beverage items contributed by local individuals, churches, and organizations.

In order to allow guests to handle business and family responsibilities while remaining close to loved ones, there will be private carrels with computers, internet access, printer, and fax machine.  For added convenience, there are secure family restrooms with showers and baby-changing stations as well as clean linens and lockers for safe storage of personal items. An enclosed “kid’s area” allowing a safe, sound-controlled environment where children can play without disrupting other guests will be yet another attractive feature.

For those who are looking for more tranquility, a quiet section overlooking the Serenity Garden will offer peaceful seating to spend time alone.

Our hope is that these special touches will ensure positive experiences for those facing the stress of life-changing situations.


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