Joint Replacement Program Wins Award for Reduction in Blood Transfusions

Friday, June 10, 2011

Over 200 leaders from orthopedic programs around the country gathered together at the Marshall|Steele 5th Annual Musculoskeletal Service Line Summit to collaborate on the best practices around patient care and outcomes collection. Topics included patient satisfaction, pain management, sleep apnea, operating room training, leadership development and managing from results.

Patients who undergo joint replacement surgery at the Joint Replacement Program at Baptist stay on a dedicated unit of the hospital and are guided through a set daily schedule aimed to get patients healthy, active and back to their homes and normal activities as soon possible. The team at Baptist treat the entire patient experience as a Continuum of Care - focusing on initial education at community seminars, pre-op classes and screening, dedicated staff on a specialized unit, and aggressive physical therapy preparing patients for their return home.

Baptist received the award for the greatest reduction in Blood Transfusions by reducing their rate from 43% to 8%. These statistics demonstrate the hospital's focus on their patients' and the collaboration between the staff and surgeons. This also reducing patients' length of stay, allowing them to resume their normal daily activities sooner.

"As we work with Marshall | Steele to be a destination Joint Center of Superior Performance we began tracking and benchmarking a variety of clinical, operational and financial measures including the incidence of blood transfusions," said Baptist Joint Replacement Center Medical Director and Orthopedic Surgeon Brian Johnson, MD. "There are several reasons to reduce and minimize transfusion rates. These include decrease infection rates, possible disease transmission, allergic reactions, potential for a cross-match error, lung injuries, slight increased morbidity and the costs involved. Our team has worked hard to implement this process and have achieved great success."

For more information on the Joint Replacement Program at Baptist, please contact 800.948.6262 / or visit

For more information on Marshall|Steele, please contact Leslie Golba at 949.923.7330 / or visit


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