Nutrition Center Outpatient Diabetes Management Program Receives Accreditation

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baptist offers an Outpaitent Diabetes Management Program through the Baptist Nutrition Center. Through individual attention and beneficial monitoring, it offers comprehensive diabetes education to those with newly diagnosed and established cases of Type I, Type II, and gestational diabetes.It is adminstered from Baptist's Nutrition Center, located in the Medical Arts East Building on State Street in Jackson, Miss. and at the Baptist Madison Campus in Madison, Miss.

Nutrition Center Manager Amy Dent and Outpatient Diabetes Educator Monica Jones head the Diabetes Management Program. Dent, a registered and licensed dietitian, initially hired Jones in 2008 to work part-time in the Center. But as diabetes referrals increased, the pair decided to amp up their credentials. While Jones sought personal qualification as a Certified Diabetes Educator, Baptist secured the program's Gold Seal of Approvalâ„¢ and Disease-Specific Care certification from the Joint Commission. Recently, the American Association of Diabetes Educators accredited the Nutrition Center's Outpatient Diabetes Management Program. The benefit of which is twofold. First, the DMP can offer the full range of diabetes services. These include nutrition, medication, blood sugar monitoring, and complications management, among others. Second, some insurers cover visits and follow-ups. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for qualified Part B Medicare beneficiaries with Type II diabetes provide some cost coverage. Private insurance plans vary, and it is recommended patients contact their provider to determine coverage prior to their appointment.

"The Baptist Nutrition Center can provide this much needed service to patients, providing them with additional knowledge and skills to manage their health and prevent complications down the road," says Dent. "Most patients know very little about diabetes and the benefits of glucose control. After just one hour with one of our Registered Dietitian, patients have a better understanding of diabetes and the benefits of glucose control. Through this understanding, they are more confident and better equipped to manage their disease. With a simple phone call from the referring physician office and a faxed referral form we can obtain everything we need to assist the patient."

Endocrinologists, obstetricians, and family practitioners statewide refer patients to the program. Under the care of Jones and Dent, patients receive the time and attention needed for peace of mind.

Jones explains, "I set goals with patients and then contact them approximately one month after our meeting to see how they are meeting their goals. Mississippi has one of the largest diabetes populations in America. This is obviously a huge need. And we're trying to meet that need."

The Diabetes Management Program covers the following topics during education sessions: - Diabetes Disease Process Overview - Nutritional Management - Medication Instructions - Physical Activity - Blood Glucose Monitoring - Acute Complications - Chronic Complications and Risk Reduction - Preconception Care / Pregnancy Care

For more information, contact the Baptist Nutrition Center at 601-973-1624.


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