Specimen Packaging and Handling

Client specimen should be stored in one of the following three thermal environments depending upon the client, specimen, and test requirements:

  • Ambient or room temperature
  • Refrigerated
  • Frozen

The viability of each specimen depends upon how well the thermal environment is maintained through the specimen transport process. All specimens must be maintained at the proper temperature to prevent the need to recollect due to thermal damage. The thermal environment of each specimen should be clearly defined by the client and the location of the specimen at the account.

Laboratory specimens are packed in primary, secondary, and tertiary containers for transportation.

Primary = tube, cup, or slide
Secondary = biohazard bag
Tertiary = Courier bag

  • The client is responsible for primary and secondary packaging
  • The courier is not to pick up a sample if the specimen container is contaminated or leaking
  • Specimens with needles attached should not be transported
  • The client should label all radioactive materials as such


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