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To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.1.0 or greater is installed. • Baptist Health Line: 601-948-6262 Summer 2015 Health Information for You and Your Family from Baptist Health Systems Beat the Heat: Prevent Heat Stroke DURING HOT WEATHER, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of heat stroke—a condition where your body is unable to regulate its temperature and cool itself. Taking proper precautions when it’s hot outside can keep you healthy and out of the ER. What happens when your body can’t stay cool? “Normally, you cool off by sweating, but in the extreme heat and humidity of a Mississippi summer, sweating often isn’t enough,” explains Chris Jackson, MD, of Baptist’s Emergency Department. “When it’s humid outside, your body can reach extreme temperatures and sweat won’t evaporate as quickly, compromising your brain and vital organs’ ability to function.” Common warning signs of heat stroke: :: Unconsciousness :: Confusion or dizziness :: Nausea or throbbing headache :: Rapid, strong pulse :: Extremely high body temperature :: Red, hot and dry skin inside this issue 2 All in the Family | Weight Loss Surgery Increasingly Popular 4 For Women | Baby, Maybe? What to Do Before Having a Child 6 Heart Health Now | A Vascular Condition You Need to Know About 8 Cancer News | Leukemia Wrongly Thought of as a Childhood Disease 10 Fitness & Nutrition | Watery Workouts: More Than Laps 11 Calendar of Events If you notice any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, call 911 immediately. In the meantime, get out of the sunlight and begin cooling down by either immersing yourself in a tub of water, taking a cold shower, spraying yourself with cool water from a garden hose, or wrapping your body in a cool, wet sheet. In addition to taking care of yourself, remember to check on loved ones and neighbors in extreme heat. This includes infants, children, the elderly and those who are obese or physically sick. “Their bodies are less tolerant of heat and dehydration,” explains Dr. Jackson. For more information on preventing heat stroke, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider. Sources:, We’re Ready for the Unexpected Baptist Medical Center’s Emergency Department is staffed by physicians specialty-trained in emergency medicine. So when the heat is on, be sure you know the best route to Baptist. Click here for directions from your location.