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Taking Control of Your Health

Finding out you have a disease can be an unnerving experience, leaving you feeling concerned, helpless, or distressed. But you can take control of your health through proper disease management. Here is a comprehensive guide of more than 100 health and medical conditions. From lifestyle changes to medications, each report offers information on effectively managing a disease or condition. These guides, along with the sound advice of your doctor, will provide you with the support to take charge of your health!

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Diseases and Conditions Archive

Find practical information, ranging from lifestyle changes to medications, on over 100 medical conditions.

Drug Database

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Part of managing your disease may mean taking medications prescribed by your doctor. It is important to know about the drugs you are taking. How does this drug work? What are the precautions when taking this drug? What happens if I miss a dose? You can find the answers to these and other questions here.

Natural and Alternative Treatments

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Some people may consider turning to alternative medicine to manage their disease. But what has been proven to work and what hasn't? Search here for detailed, up-to-date, unbiased information about complementary and alternative treatments for almost 200 different medical conditions.

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