Girl Talk With Dr. Amanda Nicols, April 10

Ob/Gyn Dr. Amanda Nicols will be online Tuesday, April 10, 2012, from 8 to 9 p.m. CST to answer your “girl talk” questions. Post your questions at any time. Check back next Tuesday to ask a question while she is online.

To ask a question, submit a comment on this page in the “Leave a Reply” box.

Dr. Nicols is a native of Laurel, Mississippi. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. Dr. Nicols received her medical degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where she also completed her residency. She is married to Lee Nicols, MD.

Note: The following is a transcript from the original Q&A posted April 10, 2012.

  1. Jane says:

    If I avent had a period in a year since I started oral contraceptives , is there
    a concern?

  2. Susan says:

    When do I start my daughter seeing an Ob gyn? She is 19 almost 20

  3. Dr. Nicols says:

    Jane, that’s a good question. There are several different types of oral contraceptives. The older, basic birth control pills have 21 days of active pills and 7 days of inactive pills; women typically have a “normal” period with these. There are newer pills which contain 24 days of active pills, and 4 days of inactive pills; these pills are designed to make women’s periods very short and light, typically 2-3 days. Some women will commonly skip cycles with these pills. There are also birth control pills which have 84 days of active pills; these are designed to make women have a period every 3 months. There is also a brand of oral contraceptives that uses continuous dosing of active pills to help women not have a period at all. So, it depends on the specific type of oral contraceptives that you take. You should talk with your physician about this issue so that you both can determine if your current medication is the best one for you; he or she will also make sure there is no other underlying problems.

  4. Dr. Nicols says:

    Susan, thanks for your question. We typically recommend girls begin to see an Ob/Gyn at age 18. This is the age where most girls transition from their pediatrician to an adult-focused physician. At age 18, we usually start doing a breast exam and basic pelvic exam. We also like to educate girls on general health issues like blood pressure, weight, self breast exams, vaccinations, etc. She is welcome to make an appointment by calling 601-354-0869 or by log gin on to



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