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Baptist's Mission is to "provide the highest quality healthcare, guided by our Christian faith." With this mission, we are committed to using our resources and talents in ways that will lead to improvements in the health and longevity of the people we serve. 

Every three years, Baptist verifies the health needs of our communities by conducting Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) for each of our hospital facilities. These are formal assessments with a very specific process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the health needs of the communities we serve and identify opportunities for improvement. The resulting documents outline the numerous strengths that were identified as well as opportunities to either offer new services or expand existing ones. The most recent reports can be found through the links below.

Community Health Needs Assessments

CHNA Implementation Strategy

Community Benefit

In fiscal year 2015, Baptist provided a substantial amount of charity care and indigent health care, as well as a number of other community benefits as shown in the overview below. An organizational imperative is volunteerism, bringing together employees and individuals in our service areas who volunteer thousands of hours to serve others through healthcare and related programs and initiatives. The resulting benefits cannot be fully quantified, as Baptist’s enormous expression of volunteerism goes far beyond mere dollars.

Community Benefit Overview Infographic

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