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Medical laboratory science (MLS) is a dynamic field that allows one to be an integral part of the healthcare team. Medical laboratory scientists perform analyses that aid physicians in diagnosing the absence, presence or extent of disease, along with monitoring therapy. They use sophisticated instrumentation and technology as well as manual dexterity to perform testing on blood and body fluids. Medical laboratory testing involves disciplines such as chemistry, hematology, coagulation, immunology, immunohematology, urinalysis, molecular biology, microbiology, mycology and parasitology.

Men and women interested in helping others are the foundation of a successful laboratory. They must be accurate, reliable, have an interest in science and be able to recognize their responsibility for human lives. The importance of the role of the medical laboratory scientist is recognized by physicians, hospitals, industry and government health agencies.

The practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed by the medical laboratory scientist. Rapid advances in medicine have increased not only the number and complexity of laboratory procedures but also the need for medical laboratory scientists. MLS is a profession of unlimited career opportunities. It offers job stability, choice of places to work, attractive futures for men and women and personal satisfaction in knowing that you are a valuable member of the healthcare team.


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