Clinical and didactic instruction takes place under the direction of the following individuals:

Program Director

  • Jennifer Knight, MHS, MLS (ASCP)cm

Core Lab

  • Technical Specialist – Charlene Combest, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist II – Sarah Boyd, MPFDC, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist II – Tammy Grimes, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist II – Porter Hudson, MT (ASCP)

Serology Lab

  • Technical Specialist – Carolyn Campbell, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist II – Teri Gieb, MT (ASCP)

Special Hematology Lab

  • Technical Specialist – Susan Lackey, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist II – Scott Wilkinson, MT (ASCP)

Blood Bank Lab

  • Technical Specialist – LaResa Swisher, MHS, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist, Stephanie Ladner, MHSA, MT (ASCP)

Immunochemistry Lab

  • Technical Specialist – Paul Montgomery, MHS, MT (ASCP)

Microbiology Lab

  • Technical Specialist – Gloria Luckett, MT (ASCP)
  • Medical Technologist II – Faye Lucius, MT (ASCP)


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