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Patients & Visitors

If you or someone you love is being cared for at Baptist Medical Center, you will find in this section of our website useful information that may answer many of the questions you may have about your stay.

If you have a question about anything not covered here, please call 601-968-1000 to reach the hospital operator who can direct your call to the most appropriate person. Or, click Contact Us to submit a question via our website.

On behalf of the entire Baptist family, we welcome you as our patient and guest. It is our hope that while you are here, we can make you and your visitors as comfortable as possible.

Your physician is one of more than 450 members of Baptist's medical staff and will direct your clinical treatment. Additionally, many other people --- some of whom you may never meet --- will focus their attention on you. Baptist's approximately 3,000 healthcare workers are all here for the same purpose: to use their combined skills to provide you with the best possible care.

Because you are very important to us, we would appreciate any suggestions you could offer to help us improve our services or make your stay more pleasant. If you have any concerns please dial 601-968-1020 and someone will assist you.

This information is provided to answer your questions and help you understand Baptist's services and policies. Thank you for choosing Baptist. It is our privilege to serve you.


Our volunteers are welcome members of the Baptist healthcare team, and you will probably be helped by at least one of them while you are in the hospital. You will recognize our volunteers by their name badges.

Volunteers donate many hours of service assisting patients within the hospital. Delivering flowers, mail and messages to patients, and serving at our information desks are just a few of the tasks they perform. They also raise funds to purchase equipment or help with the needs of patients.

Membership in the Auxiliary is open to men and women who are interested in community service in a hospital setting. If you or a friend is interested in joining, please call our Volunteer Services Department at 601-968-1210 for more information.


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