Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and you have mild to moderate symptoms, call your doctor. Please DO NOT go to a doctor’s office for testing or treatment unless your doctor has instructed you to do so. If you need a doctor, call 855-733-8863.

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Low Cost Screening Mammograms

Low Cost Screening Mammograms at the Center for Breast Health

Women who have either no insurance or high deductibles* for wellness services now have an affordable option for mammograms, the most recognized method for detecting breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.

*Please note, if you have insurance and choose not to file for a screening mammogram, you will be ineligible for insurance coverage should you need further testing, such as additional views or a diagnostic mammogram.

The Center for Breast Health now offers screening mammograms for a flat fee of $180, payable by cash only. The price includes the radiologist's fee. Insurance is not filed for this program.

The Center for Breast Health services include state-of-the-art digital technology; same day results when previous films are available at time of appointment; an all-female staff; private, comfortable setting; and soft, full length robes to use during the screening.

Women whose insurance will cover the $180 fee can file the claims themselves.

Schedule Your Screening

To schedule a screening mammogram at Baptist, call the Center for Breast Health at 601-973-3180. A physician's order is required. Women who need a physician can obtain a free physician referral from the Baptist Health Line at 601-948-6262 or 1-800-948-6262.

Women who need financial assistance with breast care services at Baptist may be helped by fund for the girls. Contact your Baptist physician, and visit for more information.

Radiologists on staff at the Center for Breast Health

James L. Burkhalter, MD
W. Larkin Carter, MD
Gary A. Cirilli, MD
J. Mack Haltom, MD
R. Houston Hardin, MD
Jason R. Hosey, MD
Edward K. Phillips, MD
Charles K. Pringle, MD
William E. Studdard, MD
J. Dean Tanner, MD

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