OB Hospitalist Program

The OB Hospitalist Program at Baptist for Women provides hospital-based, board certified Ob/Gyns who provide in-hospital coverage, 24/7.

They evaluate women with obstetric and gynecologic medical issues and consult with the patient's primary physician or Ob/Gyn until her own physician arrives at the hospital. The hospitalists are located in the OB Emergency Department (OBED) in the Birthplace at Baptist. They are also available for consultations in the hospital and for emergent care in Baptist's main Emergency Department.

Baptist's OB Hospitalists are required to have additional training in neonatal resuscitation, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and OB emergency care.

The OB Hospitalist program does not take the patient from her own Ob/Gyn physician. Instead, it ensures that every patient, regardless of time of day or physician association, is seen by an Ob/Gyn right away if she needs urgent care.

Types of urgent care cases the hospitalists might see include patients who are 16 weeks pregnant or greater who require emergency care, patients with ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and tubo-ovarian abcesses. Because OB hospitalists are always onsite, they can provide immediate surgery or manage problems until the patient's Ob/Gyn arrives.

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