Clinical Trials

Baptist Cancer Services offers patients participation in clinical trials. Following are the clinical trials currently available. For more information, contact a Baptist Cancer Services Navigator: Tonya Ball, at 601-974-6238 or Jacquelyn Murray, at 601-968-1121. (Updated 10/13/2017)

Bladder Cancer

Phase 3 study of Atezolizumab alone or in combination with platinum based chemotherapy in patients with untreated bladder cancer

Breast Cancer

Phase 3 study of  Abemaciclib combined with standard  endocrine therapy VS standard endocrine therapy alone in patient with node positive HR + HER 2 – Breast cancer

Phase 3 study of Olaparib in metastatic breast cancer patients with germline BRCA mutations

Novartis-Phase 3 study or Ribociclib in combination with Femara for Hormone positive advanced breast cancer

Spectrum - Phase 3 study of Eflapegrastim vs. Pegfligrastim in adjuvant breast cancer patients receiving Taxotere/Cytoxan

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Pharmacyclics -Observational registry of CLL patients designed to describe treatment patterns and assess patient's quality of life

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

BMS - Nivolumab combined with low-dose Ipilimumab in stage 3B/4 NSCLC; both medications are provided

Inivata - Prospective observation multicenter study to evaluate the performance of Inivata liquid biopsy analysis compared with standard tissue biopsy analysis for detection of genomic alterations in patients with advanced non small cell lung cancer

Renal Cell Cancer

Phase 3B/4 trial of Nivolumab combined with Ipilimumab in Patients with untreated advanced renal cell carcinoma


Baptist has partnered with Conversant Bio to participate in an observational study. Conversant Bio’s work involves using biospecimens obtained during scheduled procedures. These biospecimens include blood taken at the same time blood is drawn for physician ordered tests and/or unused tissue from a surgical procedure that is not needed for diagnosis or treatment. The biospecimens obtained are sent to researchers who work with all disease types.   Participation may assist these researchers in developing new treatments or improving procedures for detecting diseases. There is no increased risk to participate and participation is strictly voluntary.


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