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Support for Cancer Patients: Healing More Than The Body

The battle against cancer involves more than the body; the mind, emotions and spirit are affected as well. As a Christian healing ministry, Baptist provides cancer patients and their families with the physical, spiritual and emotional resources they need to face the demands of coping with a serious illness. For details about any of these services, call the Navigator at 601-974-6238 or 601-968-1121.

"Standing Strong" - Cancer Rehab

Standing Strong is a free, supervised cancer rehab program offered to cancer patients at Baptist. Our Healthplex staff oversees the program and creates an individualized exercise program for participants. Patients in the program will also be offered other services, such as nutritional counseling, as well.

Why have Cancer rehab? Regular exercise is an important part of the recovery process. By improving your stamina, muscle tone and muscle strength, you not only will feel better physically, but also emotionally. Exercise can help counteract problems such as stiff joints, breathing problems, poor appetite and psychological lows. Research shows exercise is associated with better overall outcomes. Seeing improvement in yourself can be a real boost, particularly when you are adjusting to the stresses of returning to a normal lifestyle.

When is Standing Srong offered? Sessions are offered at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the Healthplex. Sessions vary in length from thirty minutes to one hour depending on the skill and fitness level of the participant.

Benefits of Exercise for a Cancer Patient

  • May be a helpful way to channel stress
  • Promotes good circulation and encourages normal functioning of your body
  • Helps combat depression and promote feelings of well-being
  • Helps prevent muscle atrophy from prolonged bed rest

Case Management

A Master's prepared case manager is available to help patients and their families with issues related to Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation. Contact 601-968-1135. 

Lymphedema Management Program

To assist patients with lymphedema, a not-uncommon side effect of some cancer treatments, Baptist offers a two-phase treatment program administered by a physical therapist certified in lymphedema management. The program involves gentle massage to reduce fluid build-up in affected areas, followed by the application of bandages to maintain a gentle pressure that keeps fluid from re-accumulating. Call 601-974-6243 for program details. 

Nutritional Support

A registered dietitian is available in the Hederman Cancer Center designated solely for cancer patients to provide one-on-one counseling to develop nutritional strategies to complement cancer treatment. 

Pain Management

Pain management services are available to help patients at any point of treatment. 

Pastoral Care

Our chaplains are available to assist patients and families with the fear and emotional stress surrounding a cancer diagnosis. There is a chaplain on call around-the-clock to assist patients in the hospital. Chaplains make daily rounds on the cancer unit. Chaplains are also available in the Hederman Cancer Center.

Pharmacy Services

A registered pharmacist offers patient education and serves patients' chemotherapy needs from a satellite pharmacy located adjacent to the Outpatient Infusion clinic on the second floor of the Hederman Cancer Center. 

Psychosocial Support for Patients

Supportive counseling is available by an Oncology Counselor to help cancer patients and their families develop coping strategies for managing the emotional aspects of cancer treatment. Strategies may include helping family members learn how they can support the cancer patient, and helping cancer patients learn how to effectively communicate their needs. Call the Navigator at 601-974-6238 for program details.

Resource Library

The Cancer Resource Library is available for cancer patients, family members and members of the community to find information on cancer diagnosis, treatment and screenings. Resource materials and Internet access open up a world of information for fact-finding and research. The Resource Library is located within the Hederman Cancer Cetner. 

The Serenity Garden

Located directly outside the Hederman Cancer Center, the Serenity Garden offers a private, secluded area where cancer patients and their families can enjoy peace and quiet, fresh air and a place to "escape." The Serenity Garden features winding pathways and comfortable seating near a water fountain where they can relax to the sounds of trickling water.

Specialized Nursing

Included on staff at Baptist are a number of oncology certified nurses. Specially trained in the care of cancer patients, they are a valuable resource for cancer patients and their families. They are on hand to answer questions and to help patients understand more about cancer and treatments. Enterostomal nurses are here to assist patients with particular needs related to ostomies.

Support Groups, Educational Programs

Support Groups

Online registration is available with a valid email address for our support groups up to three days prior to each session. We reserve the right to cancel meetings due to low participation, but you will receive email notification if meetings are cancelled. If you do not have a valid email address, you may register by calling 601-948-6262.

"The Positive Ones" breast cancer support group, "Walking Forward" gynecologic cancer support group, and L.E.A.P. - Lymphedema Education and Prevention support group are available for patients and their families. The groups meet periodically in the Hederman Cancer Center. Facilitated by professionals on staff at Baptist Cancer Services, support groups focus on helping patients learn coping skills by sharing information in a caring environment. Meets in the 2nd Floor Activity Room of the Hederman Cancer Center. Contact the Patient Navigator for more information about upcoming meetings of "The Positive Ones" and "Walking Forward."

Baptist Cancer Services also facilitates a Caregiver Support Group that is open to caregivers of patients. This group is designed to offer the caregiver a safe place to discuss and deal with common issues encountered while providing care to those we love as they face cancer treatment or other challenging health concerns. This support group is exclusively for caregivers. Discuss some of the tough issues experienced by caregivers, and share some insights on how to deal with the everyday issues of being a caregiver. Meets in the Hederman Room on the fifth floor (5D) of Baptist Medical Center.

Register Online for Caregiver Support Group

Educational Programs

Baptist Cancer Services also provides occasional educational programs for cancer patients and their families. Additionally, we offer a number of podcasts on a variety of cancer topics. See links to available podcasts on this page under the Video and Audio Resources section.

Programs are also offered in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, including "Look Good Feel Better," a seminar that provides free cosmetics and instructions to women currently undergoing cancer treatment. The American Cancer Society also offers an interactive class, "I Can Cope," for those who are unable to attend classes in person. Click here to learn more about their online program.

Other educational programs are offered in partnership with the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Please call the Navigator at 601-974-6238 if you would like to receive a Baptist Cancer Services monthly calendar of events.

Additional Links to Outside Resources


CaringBridge is a free, private, personalized website for easier communication with family and friends during a health crisis, treatment and recovery. The mission of CaringBridge is to bring together a global community of care powered by the love of family and friends in an easy, accessible and private way. When you click the CaringBridge link, you will be leaving Baptist's website.


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