Emergency Room

Baptist Medical Center is a full-service emergency care facility providing emergency services 24 hours a day. The department provides care to patients of all ages and those with diagnoses ranging from non-emergent complaints to life threatening conditions.

Baptist's Emergency Department has 42 rooms, including 35 acute care rooms all of which are equipped with TVs. Respiratory therapy, laboratory, radiology, surgery, and other invasive and non-invasive services are immediately available to the patient population needing them. Medical and surgical beds as well as an Adult SICU, AICU, CVS, and obstetrical units are directly available. Baptist offers comprehensive acute care and critical care services.

All physicians on staff in Baptist's Emergency Department are specialty-trained in Emergency Medicine. Additionally, the emergency department is staffed with certified nurse practitioners, registered nurses, ER/Orthopaedic Technicians, Unit Assistants, Unit Clerks, and X-ray Technicians.

Patient-Focused Registration

Baptist's Emergency Department uses a patient-focused registration process called "Quick Reg," that allows treatment to begin sooner. With the Quick Reg process, each patient receives a patient ID and arm band when signing in upon arrival. After seeing the Triage Nurse, the patient goes to a room. A representative from the Business Office goes to the patient's bedside with a portable computer to complete the registration process.

Triage Care

A nurse practitioner staffs the patient triage area during peak traffic hours to enhance efficiency of services. Where possible, the nurse practitioner can treat and release patients directly within the triage setting.

Low Dose CT Scanner

Baptist's ER is equipped with the latest technology for low dose CT scans. The equipment provides reduced radiation exposure to patients while still providing high quality images for the diagnosis of diseases and injuries. Low dose radiation supports national patient safety efforts.

Specialized Services for Cardiac Emergencies

For people who experience cardiac arrest, when the heart suddenly stops beating, Baptist's Emergency Room is equipped to offer therapeutic hypothermia, a therapy that nearly triples the rate of survival after cardiac arrest. The therapy, which involves cooling the body's core temperature to 89ºF, may be initiated by paramedics in the field after they restart the heart. Paramedics and physicians communicate about the patient's condition while the patient is being transported, and the therapy continues after the patient is brought to Baptist. Because time is critical for these patients, Baptist provides a Cardio Helipad for quick access via helicopter where necessary.

The Emergency Department also provides an eight-bed Cardiac Observation Unit that provides specialized diagnostic care to patients who come to the ER experiencing chest pain.

As a community hospital, Baptist actively engages in educating people throughout the metro Jackson areas about what to do in a medical emergency, including heart attacks. Community seminars, including topics such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), are offered free of charge.


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