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Anatomic Pathology Services

Many people are familiar with the term "biopsy," which is the removal and examination of tissue, cells, or fluids from the body. This procedure is done to determine the presence or absence of disease. But what happens to the material collected in the biopsy? And how is disease determined? This crucial task is carried out by pathologists.

Pathologists are physicians who obtain and examine tissues, blood, and other body fluids at high magnification under a microscope for diagnosis and patient care. They play an integral role in the health care team-all treatment decisions going forward are dependent upon their diagnosis of the biopsy.

At Baptist, anatomic pathology services-which include the examination of both tissues and cells obtained in body fluids-are provided onsite under the direction of four surgical pathologists and two hematopathologists, all board-certified pathologists with years of experience as well as specialty areas. Baptist's pathologists examine more surgical pathology sections than any other hospital in the city of Jackson.

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