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Senior Behavioral Health Services

For seniors suffering from depression, anxiety, grief or other problems associated with mental illness, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center has an inpatient program, Senior Behavioral Health Unit, designed to address their specific needs.

The unit, located on Unit 3A in Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, is within a secured area, accessible by keypad entry. All meals and therapy are provided to patients within the unit. Medicare and most major health plans provide coverage.

For short term admission, a person must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 55 years of age or older
  • Exhibit a need for comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
  • Be cognitively capable of benefiting from therapy, unless he or she has been admitted for medication evaluation
  • Be able to attend group sessions
  • Be medically stable
  • Exhibit an abrupt change in behavior outside of usual character
  • Be unable to maintain basic self-care 
  • Show an impaired understanding of reality
  • Exhibit suicidal statements or gestures

Baptist's Senior Behavioral Health Unit provides patients with inpatient treatment seven days a week. Patients see a psychiatrist on a daily basis; family members are welcome to attend a multi-disciplinary meeting to plan and evaluate treatment. Occupational therapy is included and physical therapy is provided on a consultation basis.

Each patient is given a medical evaluation upon admission into this medically supervised program. The patient's personal physician can follow the patient medically during his or her stay on the unit.

Physicians, healthcare professionals, nursing care facilities or agencies or family members may make referrals to the unit. For more information about the Senior Behavioral Health Unit program, call 601-968-1031.


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