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da Vinci Hysterectomy at Baptist

Robotic Surgery: da Vinci Hysterectomy

Traditional open gynecologic surgery, using a large incision for access to the uterus and surrounding anatomy, has for many years been the standard approach to many gynecologic procedures. Yet with open surgery can come significant pain, trauma, a long recovery process and threat to surrounding organs and nerves.

For complex hysterectomies and other gynecologic procedures, robot-assisted surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System may be the most effective, least invasive treatment option. Through tiny, 1-2 cm incisions, physicians at Baptist Medical Center using the da Vinci System can operate with greater precision and control, minimizing the pain and risk associated with large incisions while increasing the likelihood of a fast recovery and excellent clinical outcomes.

After A Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy performed with the da Vinci robot, most patients can expect to spend one night in the hospital and go home the following day. Average recovery time is four weeks for a full return to work and normal activities. This compares to an average three-day stay in the hospital, and six weeks for full recovery with an open incision. Additionally, patients who choose the da Vinci hysterectomy generally experience lower infection rates and less pain.

Physicians at Baptist who perform robotic hysterectomies include:

Women who choose Baptist for the da Vinci hysterectomy will have the procedure in Baptist for Women's Center for Surgery, designed exclusively for women's surgical procedures.

Learn more about the Center for Surgery. 

Learn more about this surgery at the da Vinci website.

If you would like to have a hysterectomy at Baptist, contact the Baptist Health Line to request a referral to one of our physicians. Call 601-948-6262 or 1-800-948-6262. Or, you can request this referral using our online form.

Request a physician referral online.

Learn more with these audio/video resources

Use the player below to access these audio/video resources:

  • Watch a 30-second video about our Center for Surgery at Baptist for Women
  • Watch the webcast, "FAQs about Hysterectomy."
  • Listen to the podcast, "Hysterectomy Overview"
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