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Minimally Invasive Surgeries for the Lung and Chest (Thoracic Surgeries)

Physicians at Baptist may use minimally invasive techniques for a number of surgeries of the lung and chest, including:

  • Biopsies of the lung and pleura
  • Repair collapsed lung
  • Exploratory surgery of the chest cavity
  • Relieving fluid accumulation in the chest
  • Resection of the lung and bleb
  • Evaluation of lymph nodes
  • Removal of nodules
  • Sympathectomy -- for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms)
  • NUSS procedure --for the treatment of sunken chest-pectus excavatum
  • VATS lobectomy - a procedure for the removal of lung cancer without an incision

Surgeons at Baptist commonly perform minimally invasive surgeries of the lung and chest with video-assisted thorascopic equipment. The surgeon makes a series of small incisions around the surgical area through which he or she inserts the thorascope. The thorascope is attached to a miniature camera that transmits an image of the surgical field to a computer monitor that the surgeon views during the procedure. Using surgical instruments inserted through other small incisions, the surgeon is able to perform the surgery.

By using this minimally invasive technique, surgeons don't need to spread the ribs during surgery in the thoracic area. This typically results in less discomfort and a quicker recovery than with traditional surgery.

Learn more about Thoracic Surgery at Baptist.

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