Central Supply

Supplies are stored on each unit in an automated storage cabinet, which is called a Pyxis machine.  When an instructor for a clinical group completes the online Student Roster, the list is sent to Central Supply.  Central Supply will enter each student and faculty on the list into the system, which will allow you to be able to open the Pyxis cabinets for supplies.  The login is the last 5 digits of your student ID number.  If you experience problems with access to the cabinets, please call Central Supply at 1778 or the Education Resource Center at 1712.

Please follow the directions while using the Pyxis machines.  First choose the right patient and when an item is removed, you must push “take”, or if an item is unused and returned, you must push “return”.  These procedures are important to the process of re-stocking supplies in a timely manner to each unit.  


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