The electronic charting system is called Paragon and most units use the system. Faculty should contact ERC or the unit for confirmation of the documentation method utilized in that area. Students are expected to document in the method used on each unit. Instructors are to review the documentation of a student for accuracy and co-sign. 

The program used for medication administration is Paragon Med-Admin and most units use this system. Faculty need to check for each unit’s procedure prior to clinicals.

Requirements for Epic: 

  • Students must have official class training with a check-off in Epic before charting in the medical record. Students are not allowed to give medications without official training and check-off in Epic.
  • Logins and Passwords:  After successful completion of the training, the student will be assigned an official login and password.  The student/faculty must then change their password to a confidential password.  After the completion of each semester the logins are deleted by Information Systems, however when a Student Roster is completed in future semesters, the logins and passwords are reset (another class is not required). Please call the “rescue line” in Information Services at 8888 (from any internal phone) if you or your group is having difficulty with logins.
  • A student is NOT allowed to chart under the faculty’s or anyone else’s login and password.
  • Clinical Instructors must be trained in Epic. The goal is for faculty of student groups to teach their clinical students the required programs in a classroom setting on our campus.
  • Faculty:  Reservations for computer classrooms must be made 14 days in advance of the needed date.  Please suggest more than one date for training because space is very limited.  Using the online Student Roster link sends the student’s names to Education Resources.  It is mandatory that fields must be completed. Student’s first name, middle initial and last name along with the Social Security number must be included. Email to reserve computer lab.
  • Download and complete the roster. Click here for Online Student Roster Form
  • Student and Faculty, who are also employees of the medical center, must use a signon that is set up specifically for the clinical rotation.  These students or faculty must not use their employee signon during their clinical rotation.


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