Review the following codes at our institution and review the initial responses:



Initial Response

Code 99

Medical Emergency

  • Do not leave the patient
  • Call 1710
  • Start CPR if necessary

Cardiac Alert

Expected arrival of Cardiac patient to the ER

  • ER on standby alert
  • Cath lab prepares

Dr. Red


R    Rescue persons in danger

A    Alarm and call 1710

C    Contain; close doors

E    Extinguish; (Pass) Pull pin, Aim nozzle at base of fire, Squeeze handle, Sweep from side to side

Code Orange

A person is threatening harm to others with a weapon

  • Do not confront the individuals
  • Call Security with a “STAT” at 1710

Code 55

Bomb threat

  • Do not touch any suspicious items
  • Call 1710

Weather Alert

Report of threatening weather in Hinds County

  • Close curtains; stay away from windows
  • Listen for further instructions

Code Adam  

Baby/Child Abduction

  • Close doors in area
  • Check all babies
  • Watch for strangers, odd behaviors;

      notify Security


Initiation of Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • See CareNet for details
  • Report to the Nursing Unit Chain of Command

Stroke Alert Code Gray

Patient with Acute Symptoms of a Stroke

  • ER on standby for emergency CT scan


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