Professional Image


To create and present a professional image that helps our patients, members and customers feel safe, confident and comfortable when they interact with any Baptist employee or student.

Personal Identification

While on campus your school name badge must be worn in a visible location on the upper torso at all times. 

Personal Appearance

Employees/Faculty/Students are expected to practice personal hygiene such as being neatly groomed and free of body odor or strong perfume/cologne that might interfere with those who are ill or allergic to such odors or fragrances.  Hairstyles are to be conservative, clean and neat, and should not inadvertently make contact with patients or customers. NO artificial nails or extenders are allowed.  Natural fingernails are to be clean, conservative, and no more than ¼ inch in length.  Tattoos should not be visible.  Cover tattoos with clothing or a bandage.


Visible body piercing is not permitted except for piercing of the ears.  Earrings must be conservative and limited to one pair or one earring per ear. Men may not wear earrings on campus.


Follow your school uniform policy.  Unacceptable clothing includes blue-denim jeans, leggings, shorts, mini-skirts, T-shirts with logos or silk screens, tight, or low cut clothing.  Shoes should be selected with a concern for safety and comfort, noise level and a professional appearance.  Flip-Flop type shoes are not acceptable.  The dress code applies to any time on campus for school purposes.

Cell Phones

Use of a cell phone is not allowed in patient care areas or where the public can see you.


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